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GH Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2020 to help clients solve their problems and meet their needs through corporate consulting services.
We are a team of people with strong proposals, technical skills, and creative minds.


Our VisionOur Vision

Realizing Possibilities

We create high value. We think deeply, act, and practice what we can. We believe that by transforming the possibilities we find into reality, we can continue to provide high value to society.

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Customer-oriented approach,
We contribute to solve our customers’
problems and improving their corporate value.

We are strongly committed to further growing our clients’ businesses by utilizing the latest technology and our global network.

We believe that we are a team that can expand the possibilities of our clients’ businesses by providing efficient and optimal IT services through our continuous pursuit of technology while adapting to the ever-changing technological environment.

As stated in our Vision, “emphasize the values of each and every employee” we create an environment and structure that enables them to perform at their best. We sincerely believe that this will result in maximizing our clients’ corporate value.

Our services include IT consulting, system integration, and project support.
In each of these areas, our team will continue to work as one to provide solutions to issues that have not been resolved in the past and to provide new value, and we will strive to enrich the lives of all those involved.

CEO:Gyoko Sudo


We believe it is important to identify and solve our clients’ problems.
In each area of SERVICE, our customer-oriented approach leads to success.

IT Consulting

Evaluate client business needs and recommend optimal system solutions. We provide effective consulting services to improve business processes, increase efficiency, and strategically plan information systems to meet our clients’ business goals.


01Formulation of internal IT policy and visualization of IT assets!


The client had not made progress in the management and systemization of their internal IT assets, and they did not know what to do or where to start.
The client asked us for advice on how to deal with the situation, and we interviewed the client’s staff, identified problem areas and issues, and discussed countermeasures. We then developed and implemented a plan from system management to operation of the IT assets by dividing the implementation phases.

  • Company
  • Transportation industry
02Environmental survey for new equipment installation, conducted on-site throughout Japan!


In order to install a new facility (telecommunication-related system) in a certain facility with offices throughout Japan, we conducted a detailed survey of the network configuration, system environment, and overall infrastructure within the facility.
We prepared an all-English report to the client, a foreign telecommunications carrier, and used it as the basis for a new facility installation plan.

  • Company
  • Entertainment Facilities
03Process management, which had been done on whiteboards, was digitized to improve operations!


The company had been using a whiteboard to manage the construction process by hand, but the amount of information to be entered was large and complex, and the number of operations was increasing each year, making it difficult to manage the process using the current method. The operation using Excel was not effective and was used only to record information.
We proposed a web application with the aim of digitizing the "goodness" of the whiteboard, rather than simply creating a digital management tool, and we were involved in the development and introduction of the application to achieve a smooth transition to system operation.

  • Company
  • Construction industry (mechanical and electrical)

System integration

We play a key role in our clients’ business success by improving and streamlining their organization’s information systems and driving digital transformation.
We provide effective systems that meet customer requirements. We help customers improve operational efficiency and quality through activities such as requirements assessment, system design and development, integration testing, implementation and deployment, and support and maintenance. Provide optimal solutions through a combination of customization and expertise tailored to the organization’s needs.


01Renewal and reconstruction of the network system of a certain private junior and senior high school!


We conducted a survey of the school network environment of a certain private integrated junior high and high school, and renewed the aging NW system.
We surveyed the existing environment, identified problems and issues, and designed and implemented a new school network system. We also provided post-implementation maintenance services.

  • School
  • Private integrated junior high and high school
02Conducted a wireless LAN site survey of branded stores!


A foreign telecommunications company client requested us to conduct a wireless LAN site survey of apparel brand stores in Japan on a store-by-store basis. We visited each store and conducted a wireless LAN site survey using a survey tool.
We prepared a report in English and presented it to the client.

  • Stores
  • Brand store
03Switched to Microsoft365 and took charge of the operation and maintenance of the internal infrastructure with ease of operation!


We have implemented M365 for daily operations and use tools such as Teams to respond to various inquiries and system failures, and provide remote and on-site support depending on the situation.

  • Company
  • Transportation industry

Project support

We support overall project management, including project planning, resource management, task assignment, progress management, risk management, and quality management. We provide total support for the management, operation, and execution of projects, and support your projects by providing PM/PMO support to ensure project success and managing the process to achieve your goals.


01Participated in NW infrastructure implementation support PJ!
(A chemical manufacturer)

Job Description

In the client’s information system department, I managed and promoted various measures in the same capacity as an employee.
– Factory NW renewal
– System vulnerability assessment
– Remote access renewal
I managed, investigated, and prepared documents for these measures.

  • Responsibilities
  • SE/PM
02Participated in PJ for maintenance of cloud infrastructure and support for operational improvement!
(Certain financial institution)

Job Description

Responsible for existing system migration, new system construction, maintenance and operation in the cloud (AWS, Azure) environment for client use.
Performed a series of tasks from design, construction, testing, migration, client support, operation maintenance and monitoring.

  • Responsibilities
  • SE
03Participated in EPP/EDR implementation support PJ!
(A life insurance company)

Job Description

I was in charge of supporting the implementation of EPP/EDR solutions for the client’s endpoints, and provided support in planning and coordination, explanation and coordination for each company, management of progress and issues, and preparation of reporting materials.

  • Responsibilities
  • PM/PMO

Overseas employment support

We support engineers who want to work overseas.
To support engineers who are interested in working abroad, we provide job search support, training and skill development, and other support necessary to develop their careers.


Company Name GH Consulting Inc.
Board member CEO Gyoko Sudo
Director Yoshichika Sudo
Director Zhang Huatong
Founded May 2020

203 Tonan Building, 10 Yoshidamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref, 231-0041, Japan

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TEL/FAX TEL:+81(0)45-315-3789 / FAX:+81(0)45-330-6253
Capital 23,000,000 Yen
Qualification Worker Dispatching Undertaking License No.14-303496


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